Banff Inner Wheel

We were delighted to be invited to give a talk about oats to Banff Inner Wheel last night. Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s voluntary service organisations in the world, with members in 103 countries.

Scottish cookery writer, Liz Ashworth, who starred in our recent cookery videos, visited the club to talk about how we produce oats, from seed to mill to finished product. She also talked about her endeavours to win the World Porridge Making Championships, and how the competition has really opened her eyes to the many different dishes that are made using oats all round the world.

Members were also given the opportunity to try some of Liz’s latest oaty recipes including Sugar Free Orkney Broonies, Buttery Syrup Oat Cookies, and a special birthday cake which uses sachets of our mixed berry instant porridge. ┬áRecipes will be available on the website soon.

If you’re a member of Inner Wheel or a similar organisation, and would be interested in a talk to your group, get in touch via the website and we’ll let you know if we can help.



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