My Healthy Breakfast Challenge

We had a great morning at Alexandra Parade Primary School in Glasgow today, where we were one of the partners in Business in the Community Scotland’s ‘My Healthy Breakfast Challenge’, a pilot project under the umbrella of the ‘Food for Thought’ campaign, to help primary school-aged children make healthy breakfast choices.
Primary six and seven pupils took part in a morning of activities which helped to reinforce messages about eating a healthy breakfast. Pupils now have to keep a ‘Healthy Breakfast Diary’, recording what they eat for breakfast over a month. The diaries will be submitted in November, with prizes given to those who have the best breakfast diaries.
The children took part in five activity stations during the launch including:
– Granola and date and oat truffle making. The truffles were delicious. We’ll have to try and get the recipe for the website.
– A sugary drinks game, which helped to identify hidden sugars. The children learned that there is more sugar in a glass of orange juice than in a glass of Coke.
– The eat well guide game which helps to understand what a balanced diet looks like.
– A food labelling session where the children compared the sugar, fat and energy in porridge against other breakfast cereals.
– A lunch and snack box swap station where children enthusiastically swapped some less healthy items from their lunch boxes for a wide choice of healthy fruits.
We really enjoyed working with Business in the Community Scotland and the other campaign supporters from Jamie’s Italian, Sainsbury’s, Food Revolution and Nourished by Nature.
Good luck to the children in their diary-keeping over the next month.
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