Britain's first modern day wind mill

The north east of Scotland is not just the perfect place to grow oats – the area has fantastic conditions for driving wind turbines too, and in January 2012, we became Britain’s first modern day windmill, when we installed a wind turbine alongside our mill in Banffshire.

The new 2.3-megawatt wind turbine not only provides the electricity we require to operate the mill, but produces so much energy that we are also able to feed extra electricity into the national grid. The turbine saves  an estimated 4,000 tonnes of CO 2 emmissions each year.

John Lea, Managing Director said:

“When my great-great-grandfather introduced steam power into his milling operations, he must have thought the days of the windmill were well and truly numbered.

By harnessing the latest technology and our ancient milling expertise, we’ve come full circle and are once again seeing cereal bowls across the UK and beyond filled with oats from a wind powered mill.”



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