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Many of us are using less dairy products, whether it’s simply because we don’t like cow’s milk, or for health, ethical or environmental reasons. According to research firm Mintel, UK plant milk sales have grown by 30% since 2015.

Oat milk is one of the most popular non dairy milks, with shoppers in the UK buying £36m worth last year as sales surged by more than 70%.

Like many food and drink products, non dairy commands a premium price, however oat milk is very simple and inexpensive to make at home – all you need to make a smooth, creamy oat milk is a few minutes, a couple of ingredients, a decent blender and a fine mesh sieve or nut milk bag.

You can use it just as you would cow’s milk – with porridge or cereal, as a cold drink on its own or in a smoothie, or to add to hot drinks, and because it thickens when you heat it, you can use it to make a really thick luxurious hot chocolate too.

You can use a few tablespoons in baking or in other recipes calling for milk, but be aware that because oat milk thickens when heated, using large quantities might affect the texture of whatever you’re baking.

Of course the natural thickening means that it’s great for making milk-based sauces too.

The recipes below result in an oat milk that’s similar in texture to regular semi skimmed milk. If you like a creamier milk, simply add less water.

It will keep for two or three days in the fridge – if it separates just give it a quick shake before you use it.


How to make oat milk

Simply put your oats, water and other ingredients if using into a blender and blend for around two minutes to ensure the oats and water are fully blended, strain through a fine mesh sieve, muslin cloth or a nut milk bag, then chill until using.

It really is that simple!